Liberty County Chamber of Commerce

US Highway 2 travels in an east-west direction across Liberty County.  The towns of Chester, Joplin, and Lothair lie along highway 2.  US Highway 2 travels from one end of Montana to the other, and almost from one end of the United States to the other.  State highway 223 connects Chester to Ft. Benton and points south.  Highway 409 runs from near Chester to the Whitlash Port of Entry on the Canadian border in northwestern Liberty County.  

The Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad also passes through Liberty County, closely following the US 2 corridor.   Most of the grain produced in the area is shipped via BNSF.  

The Liberty County Airport is located just west of Chester.  Commercial flights are not offered at this airport, but they are available at the Great Falls International Airport 90 miles south.

‚ÄčAgriculture dominates the economy in Liberty County. 

According the the 2012 US Census of Agriculture, Liberty County produced $84,664,000 in agricultural products.  This number includes crops (81%) and livestock (19%). 

In 2012, ‚ÄčLiberty County ranked 8th in wheat production out of Montana's 56 counties.  More specifically, Liberty County ranked 4th in winter wheat production and 11th in spring wheat production. 

Pulse crops such as dry peas and lentils are also major crops in Liberty County. 

Several grain loading and processing facilities  operate in Liberty County.


Businesses and Government Services

 Economic Information


For its small size (2339 residents according to the 2010 census), Liberty County has an impressive variety of small businesses, professional services, and healthcare offerings , see the business directory.

Federal Government offices include the USDA (Natural Resources Conservation Service, Farm Service Agency, and Liberty County Conservation District), US Bureau of Reclamation, and Post Offices in Chester and Joplin.

State of Montana offices include the Montana Department of Transportation Chester Maintenance shop.

 The Liberty County Courthouse in Chester is home to many county government offices including the Clerk & Recorder, Clerk of Court, County Commissioners, Justice of the Peace, Montana State University Extension Service, Supt. of Schools, and County Treasurer.  Other off-site county services include: County Attorney, County Health Nurse, Emergency Services, County Library, Road Department, Senior Citizens Center, Sheriff's office, and the Weed Department. For more information visit: 

The only incorporated town in Liberty County is Chester.  The Town of Chester office provides water, sewer, and garbage services as well as street maintenance within Chester city limits.